What We Target

 We target speckled trout almost exclusively but take advantage of many other species when the opportunity presents itself.  On any given day, we may also add white trout, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, black drum or tripletail to the list of what we catch. 
Trout are available almost year round but due to forces beyond our control, those being freshwater flooding or high winds, we must sometimes change the game plan to have a quality trip.  White trout fishing just gets red hot in the summertime and these fish are extremely willing targets for children. And... did I mention when fried crispy the are absolutely delicious!  Sheepshead show up usually around Thanksgiving and then depart just after they spawn about the first week in April.  Flounder can show up in any days catch but the best time is in late October and early November when they begin their migration to the gulf to spawn.  Redfish are around also but for the most part must be targeted exclusively around structure.  Now, bull reds around Dixey Bar are another story altogether...better during the warmer months, mainly because that is when the weather and seas are more conducive to catching them.  There is also the tripletail, a favorite of mine, which hangs around floating objects and in tide lines doing nothing in particular except usually being either ultra-aggressive or ultra-passive about what they want to eat...or if they even want to!