Boat and Tackle


My boat is a 22' Panga powered by a 115 h.p. fourstroke Evinrude engine.  It provides a safe, roomy, comfortable ride across the open bay which can at times get choppy.  All safety gear meets USCG regulatons for operating on coastal waters.  We use RayMarine GPS/plotter/bottom machines.

I will always have quality, matched, light spinning  tackle for your use.  My standard setup uses 10# line but it is very common when the water clears to drop down to 8# to get the most bites that we can.  With a good drag and just a minimum of angler skill, it is surprising how few fish actually "break off" due to tackle failures.  The handles on these reels are all interchangeable and can always be removed and placed "on the other side" for those who need it with no problem.

I fish artificial baits the vast majority of the year.  However, when the water warms up and the really nice trout get ready, before each trip I will arrive a couple hours early to catch menhaden, croakers, and a few shrimp with either the shrimp trawl, cast net or sabiki rig with which we will catch some of the best biggest of the year. It makes for a longer day for me but is certainly worth it in the dividends it pays after the sun comes up!   At other times of the year I will also use live shrimp, fiddler and hermit crabs to add some versatility to our presentations.  These will catch redfish, sheepshead, black drum among others.